Construction of buildings, classical and drilled foundation, horizontal directional drilling




EMFOR MONTAJ specialises in turnkey execution of construction works, especially in the energy sector, but also in several other sectors, such as: civil engineering, industrial, hydrotechnical, roads and bridges, special foundations, etc.

The company was founded in 2000, in Romania, and gradually advanced into the international market, executing works such as special foundations on piles or columns in Middle Eastern countries such as: the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, etc.



In the sector of complex engineering works, EMFOR performs the following types of works:

  • Treatment and improvement of the ground for foundations constituted from compressible soils, from losses or from liquefiable granular residues by applying different technologies;
  • Foundation lands consolidation of the natural versants and of the artificial banks by active and passive tension rods;
  • Draining of the foundation lands, of the natural versants and of the artificial banks by bore-holes of different inclinations and properly equipped;
  • Special foundations (mini pilots, pilots ,columns achieved by drilling and filled up with concrete, with a combination of earth, lime and cement, sand and gravel) ;
  • Inclined bores necessary for the pilots or anchors execution;

The performance of such works, generally hidden and highly technical, is done by qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field, together with qualified technicians, workers and machine operators.



The main activity that defines the field in which EMFOR excels and in which it is recognised on the construction market is the execution of special foundations of the pile/drilled type.

Under normal conditions, EMFOR MONTAJ performs foundation works on columns in medium and rugged terrain, especially for the steel towers for the transmission and distribution of electricity

  • medium, high and very high voltage overhead power lines (110kV, 220kV, 400kV, 750kV), as well as for the related substations.

These types of foundations are used in most categories of engineering works, and EMFOR MONTAJ makes this possible thanks to its high-performance equipment: its own drilling equipment is highly productive and is produced by specialised companies with a long tradition in the field, such as BAUER Maschinen GmbH, Klem, Hutte, Vermeer.

Vermeer Navigator horizontal drilling equipment helps install utilities, communication crossings, drains, etc.


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