Electromontaj SA approves the support tower type Sn 110102C

On 25.07.2017 Electromontaj SA tested a new support tower. Tower type tested: Support tower: Sn 110102C, 110 kV overhead line, single circuit, Romania.

Designer: Electromontaj S.A.
Manufacturer: Electromontaj SA Galvanized Metal Tower Factory

The tower was subjected to the following test cases:

Test case No. 1 – Calculation case No. 7, Hypothesis A1-RP, Protective conductor failure;
– Test case No. 2 – Calculation case No. 10, Hypothesis A1-RC3, Console 3 damage, bottom right;
– Test case No. 3 – Calculation case No. 8, Hypothesis A1-RC1, Console 1 damage, top right;
– Test case No. 4 – Calculation case No. 1, Hypothesis N1, Normal, maximum transverse wind;
– Test case No. 5 – Calculation case No. 2, Hypothesis N2, Normal, cross wind + frost;
– Test case No. 6 – Calculation case No. 2, Hypothesis N2, Normal, cross wind + frost – Destruction case.

The test was carried out in accordance with PE 105/90 – Methodology for sizing overhead line metal towers – Annex A2 – Testing of overhead line towers – Methodology

1. Product destination

The metal support tower type Sn 110102C (Compacted) designed, tested and approved by Electromontaj SA Bucharest is intended to be mounted in new or existing 110 kV SC power lines where concrete towers were used (mounted concrete sleeve foundation).

Generally, concrete pillars in the 110 kV SC or DC lines have an expired lifespan and when special weather phenomena appear (strong wind, frost, etc.) they give way, with a significant number of pillars being affected.

This type of tower was designed due to the disappearance of concrete pillar suppliers on the Romanian market and the appearance of similar towers made of polygonal metal pipe or composite material but at very high prices.

Due to the dimensions of the base tower (1000/1000mm) the foundation of the pillar occupies the same surface as an ordinary concrete pillar (1.6 x 1.6m), not requiring the purchase of additional land required in the case of mounting an ordinary metal pillar.

2. Product description

The Sn 110102C pillar is a lattice metal construction made of different sized angles and sheet metal made of S235 and S355JO material and group 8.8 screws. The tower consists of four sections that ensure the maximum height of 23.759m, three brackets for holding the phases and a tip for fixing the guard wire in both the support and the extension version, used for OPGW.

3. Technical characteristics

Opening at the base: 1000 x 1000 mm
Tower height: 23.750 mm

4. Assembly instructions

The Sn 110102C tower shall be mounted with a crane in accordance with the working diagram of the crane or with the beam in rough areas.

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