Electromontaj SA - sponsor of the women's handball team, CS Dinamo Bucharest.

The women’s handball team, CS Dinamo Bucharest, announces a prestigious sponsor that will support the team during the 2017 and 2018 sporting years: ELECTROMONTAJ SA.

ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. is a construction, assembly and installation energy company specialised in the execution and maintenance of low, medium and high-voltage power lines, power stations and substations. With headquarters in Romania and over 65 years of experience in the energy field, ELECTROMONTAJ SA can proud itself on the execution and completion of numerous “turnkey” projects across Romania and the world.

Its excellent reputation has enabled continuous development and international recognition, with permanent foreign branches registered in Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Peru. Electromontaj has its own factory for hot-dip galvanized metal towers. Its latest investment, and operating from the company’s own funds, is the Tower Testing Station, with beneficiaries from many countries, such as Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

ELECTROMONTAJ SA is a private capital company operating as a “group of companies”. It comprises subunits with different profiles, in accordance with the articles of association, and is structured in three divisions with six branches in Romania, of which two are factories, and three branches abroad. The company is the majority shareholder in: Societatea de Servicii Financiare CONFIDENT INVEST Bucureşti S.A and in S.C. EMFOR MONTAJ S.A. Bucureşti.

Barbu Roșoiu – Economic Director of Electromontaj SA: “The contract in valid for the period of the fiscal year 2017 with the possibility of extension for the following year. It is our second involvement in a sports project and we are happy to be part of the great Dinamo family and to support women’s handball. We hope the team will be promoted in the Women’s Handball National League and will be present in European competitions as soon as possible. We like the idea of a team with as many Romanian players as possible and we are confident that this project will be loved by many Romanians. High-performance sports can only be accomplished with great effort, both from the girls and also from the club and partners, who must provide financial resources”.

Monica Iagăr – President of CS Dinamo Bucharest: “High-performance sports, which is what we aim for, cannot exist without strong partners. We thank those from Electromontaj SA for joining the Dinamo family and we are convinced that together we will build a successful brand in the women’s semicircle. With the the help of Electromontaj SA we will develop the women’s handball project, with the objective of being promoted in the National League and then secure a more consistent presence on the centre stage”.

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