Electromontaj announces the start of a new green energy project

Bucharest, June 17, 2024

The Electromontaj Group announces the start of a new green energy project by signing the partnership with Vestas for the design and the execution of the connection facilities to the National Energy System (SEN) of the new Vifor wind power plant, with a planned power of 460 MW.

As a result of winning the tender, Electromontaj signed the contract for the design and execution of the connection facilities to the National Energy System of the Vifor wind farm, through the design and construction of the 400kV connection station and the 400/33kV transformation station, as well as the 400kV overhead power line double circuit through which the power plant will discharge the power produced into the existing 400kV electrical overhead line.

The Vifor wind farm, which consists of 72 wind turbine-generator groups of 6.4 MW each, designed to generate a total capacity of 460 MW, is located in Buzau County and is one of the largest in the country.

The works contracted by Electromontaj are:

  • Design and construction of the new Pogoanele 400kV connection substation,
  • The design and construction of the new 400/33kV CEE Vifor substation which will be equipped with two transformer units of 260MVA each,
  • The connection to the overhead power line 400kV Gura Ialomiței – Stâlpu, line also designed and executed by Electromontaj.

The connection to the already existing 400kV high-voltage power line will be achieved by sectioning it and building a new double-circuit section up to the new 400kV Pogoanele station. This will result in two new 400kV lines: Gura Ialomiței – Pogoanele and Pogoanele – Stâlpu.

The project also involves the adaptation of the existing facilities in the adjacent stations, necessary for the proper functioning of the protection, automation and telecommunications facilities.

The connection of the new wind power plant directly to the 400kV transmission network will ensure the maximum economic efficiency of the energy produced from the renewable source, under conditions of maximum safety and reliability.

“We are proud to contribute to Romania’s energy transition through this ambitious project. The collaboration with Vestas and the use of state-of-the-art technologies allow us to ensure the maximum efficiency and reliability of the system, thus supporting our objectives of sustainability and innovation,” declares Ionuț Tănăsoaica, General Manager of Electromontaj.

Electromontaj will carry out and manage with its own resources the design and construction activities of new installations under the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) regime, and the maximum complexity project will be carried out with the latest generation equipment and systems.

Construction of the project began in May 2024 and is planned to be completed by the end of 2025.

Last year, Electromontaj completed a similar green energy project in the Ruginoasa wind farm, and recently the 400kV Portile de Fier – Anina – Reșita overhead power line and has multiple ongoing projects for the design and construction of high voltage lines, substations transformation, electric traction works, re-engineering of power plants as well as electrical projects for irrigation systems, both in Romania and abroad.